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Thread: plywood edges

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    plywood edges

    I made a about 8x10 funny saying (scroll sawing) so I decided to frame it seeing it was nothing special I decided to make it out of plywood. I router a small round over on the outside and inside of the frame. Being Plywood I decided to paint it, but the edges on the outside and inside are drinking up all the paint giving a dull look. Is there a sealer I can use to quench their thirst for paint?

    Thanks Bill

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    Primer is a great help. Also some use Glue white or yellow glue will seal the edges. And of course the old favorite, Shellac or sanding sealer.

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    Bill's about got it covered.
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    Hi folks,
    I like "Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty"
    It's a powder you can mix with water to any thickness you want.
    Make it like thick cream, and you can brush it on the edge. Sands easily to a nice smooth finish.


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    Another vote for Durham's. It's easy to sand, and stays where you put it.
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    I use sizer. Basicly thined yellow glue. It helps seal up the end grain and it is quicker then putty.

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    As previously stated shellac will stick to anything and is very fast drying. You can also tint it to come close to the color of your paint.


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    Thanks for the tips

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