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Thread: old model grizz g1022

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    old model grizz g1022

    I found one of these on CL fairly close to me for $100. Looking at the photos it looks like it's fairly old as the grizz logo is different.

    Anyone here have any experience with it or know where I could find out more info. I'm tempted to go get it and sell off my bt3k.
    daiku woodworking

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    I searched Grizzly and only got a response for two different table saw fences. So, I'm guessing it is an old table saw.
    Some of the very early Grizzly tools were poor quality and have given the company a questionable reputation with many to this day.
    A call to Grizzly tech (your nickle) can pin down that information.

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    Well it is copy rigth for 2002 and they came with either a 1.5 or 2 hp motor. Here is a link to the wners manual.

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    Through searching on the net I came across a lady woodworker who had the same model saw in her shop. She was nice enough to reply to me and told me that the saw is about 15 years old but has never given her any trouble except for the fence falling apart.

    I'm still on the fence (lol) as to buying it.
    daiku woodworking

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