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Thread: TV stand

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    TV stand

    A while ago I made a tv stand and asked a few questions. Well I finally remeberd to stop by there house to get a pic. Here is a phone pic This not the finished peice. The owner has not put the back on or installed the feet. The frame is ro and the shelfs are ro ply. Finish is mohawk dark golden oak tinted with dye and 5 coats of stain lacquer.

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    looks fantastic al!
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    Very nice, Al.
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    A fellow Mohawk user, you must be an alright guy Al!


    It looks awesome! You should tell him to put the feet on it, something about feet on these floor units that just make them look so much more....classy, I guess.
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    looks good al.. what did you use to stain the lacquer? and why add more stain if yu had stained the piece already?
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    Larry, The stain was too dark. Anyone use to Mohawk knows that their stains can be very rich. So, I added a little yellow dye to it to britghen the color more. Thanks for lookin.

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