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Thread: Some traditional games

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    Some traditional games

    Hi Guys.

    The people at the village played some street games, and I thought that you would be interested as well.

    Some of them are obviously familiar to you, like the bowling and the horseshoe throwing (I don't know if it has a specific name in english)
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    But I do not think there is one similar to the three arms cross. The idea is to throw this discs alternatively light one, heavy one and so on to hit the the three armed cross. By alternating the weight one looses the aprenticeship from the previous throw.
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    If you hit the vertical pole or stem counts 5 points, the big arm counts 10, the medium 15 and the smallest 20.

    An added difficulty is that the arms spin around the colum when they are hit by the weight and they stop in an aleatory position so if you want to hit them again they might only showing you the edge or be turned 45 degrees.

    As you can see the thrower stands pretty far from the cross.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Some more foreing popular culture for you Rennie
    Best regards,

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    Those are pretty cool, Toni. The horseshoe throwing looks similar to ours, although I have not seen the "circle marker" before. In American-style horseshoe throwing, the scoring is done a bit differently. Your bowling is also somewhat different, but the idea is still the same. The three arm cross game is new to me, though. Looks like it could be pretty difficult to score points.

    Thanks for the pics.
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    VERY cool Toni, I spent a lot of time playing lawn darts (which is just about illegal now) and many a summer playing Bocce on the grass, the beach or just about anywhere else we could.

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