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Thread: Is turning down business a bad thing ?

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    Is turning down business a bad thing ?

    My shop is full and I have a wait list. I have the church commision coming up. The phone keeps on ringing. Most are understanding and willing. Is this hurting my business? I know most folks would like to have this problem.
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    you're gonna need more people don...
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    You have to ask??
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    Sounds like a good problem and it 'should' raise your credibility in the eyes of your clients. (read $$)
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    I don't think so. It tells people that you care about the projects you do and them. Stringing people along only upsets them. Telling them up front your time frame gives them the chance to decide to wait or move on. If they have seen your work and like it they will wait if they can.

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    I believe the saying is............

    "I never lost money on a job I did not take"

    ........ or something to that effect.

    Be honest and up front, the people who want you to work on their restorations will wait, the people shopping for a cheap deal will find it elsewhere, and get what they pay for
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    This the surest invitation to raise your prices. Not to drive business away but to distill out the jobs that are not worth your time. Generally this means your prices are too far below the going rate in your area. The quality of your work is now worth more than you are charging. Kick it up 10 or 15% and see what happens.

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    All well said, your situation speaks for your reputation.

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    Don in this business if you loaded down with work and more at the door it is said that your not charging enough.
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