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Thread: The wurkweek is almost over, so whatr yur weedend plans

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    The wurkweek is almost over, so whatr yur weedend plans

    I'll be playing catch up in the shop. Maybe have the tub on so I can watch the race while I'm working.
    What you all got planned.
    I know a few Michiganders will be at a wedding.
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    Yep, a farm weddin fer me But ask again next weekend and it will be back to my kitchen cabinets, YES wood working

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    farm weddin fer me too, and some good pork sunday is ruba dub dub..
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    I may try to tackle doing a Frankenmower. I have 2 hand me down Craftsman riding mowers, the newer and better (mechanical wise) doesn't have a mowing deck, and the 2 are not compatible. Will have to swap the lift mechanisms and the front axles to make it work.
    Oh, and we put off going out to eat for our Anniversary until this weekend, so it's Uncle Julio's!! May be too stuffed still on Sunday to mess with the mowers if I don't get through Saturday!!! Jim.
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    working on the grandfather clock, making a couple of the wine bottle holders, finishing the prototype of the holder for my sister's bday tomorrow, and getting into general mischief...
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    SOSO mostly - all the grandkids are out of town so MAYBE I can grab a few minutes in the shop. Its been weeks since I've done anything out there so all I'd be able to do is clean.
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    Red face

    Work shop and yard york on Saturday. Mt granddaughter who is 3 wants a wooden stick pony to ride around the yard on. So grandpa will spend a few minutes cranking one out for her. She is only 3 and loves to watch me cut wood and make noise. I give her some sand paper and it keeps her buys for quite some time.
    Sunday the tall ships are in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. One of my daughters has a house on the Piscataqua River in Portsmouth Harbor. Se is having a family BBQ and it is just a short walk to see the ships. It's kind of cool, across the river is Bath, Maine where the US Navy shipbuilding yard is. The Tall ships have to pass by the new destroyers being built. Nice photo opp.

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    More Viking furniture for me. Oh joy.
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    I need to make a fixture for the CNC Router. I will be making 10 retirement desk sets. I will cut a pocket with raised letters of the company logo. The desk sets are mahogany, and the pocket the letters are in will be hunter green.

    I also need to make a vacuum chuck to hold 1/16 thin 2"x3" brass plates so I can engrave the retirees name and years of service. Really the plates are laminated plastic - brushed brass look on face with black core. I use a .005 diameter tool to cut the plates.

    Ohhhh - and I have a box full of pen blanks to sort through, then mail out.

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