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Thread: I got the engine today

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    I got the engine today

    $2138, sad part of that $1600 was labor The only thing he didn't charge me for was turning the crank again, I'm sure he made that up in the labor charge.

    I guaranty you I will beat that thing like a rented mule. He best pray it doesn't come apart.
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    On the bright side Robert you were keeping someone employed in these tough times.

    Hope the machining is a success this time round. Best of luck.

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    Good luck with it this time Robert. In the mean time, I think I would start looking for "Another Shop" for anything in the future other than any warranty work this one may require. I really think you got Stroked on this deal, but don't feel like the Lone Stranger, 'cause things like this have happened to the best of us, (more than once, I hate to admit).

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    robert i agree with norman here look for another guy to do the next job.. if there was that much inlabor he could easily have lowered the price and wrote off the differnce.. thats how business can work and should in some cases..and it would have made both partys better off.
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    That motor had better last a long time

    Nothing to do but get it behind you I guess, oh, and like Norman said, find another shop
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