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Thread: Small wedding gift

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    Small wedding gift

    As said on other posts, my son is getting married TOMARROW and tonight we had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, good time well I started an order last March for some pens to gift the bride and groom and gave them the pens tonight as so they can use them to sign the marrage license with them tomarrow. I also had pens made for both mothers. Jim made a ring box out of Zebra wood and I wanted to follow suit with Zebrawood and that is the wood used for their pens. also I made a box made with Zebrawood and some special birdseye maple from NH I pirated from Larry So first is the brides pen, 2nd is the grooms pen, 3rd is brides mothers pen, 4th is grooms mothers pen, 5th is brides fathers pen, 6th is grooms fathers pen. Now the pens were turned by Nancy Laird (thanks again Nancy, great job on them) the cherry wood for the mothers was donated my my buddy Larry and the fathers pens were gifted to us by Nancy

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    and the box

    Box pics

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    here is a link to the ring box...
    Just Scroll down and you will find the Thumbnails

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    Great job by all involved.

    Y'all have a great hitchin' party tomorrow, ya hear?
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    Fantastic, work!

    Have a great day tomorrow!
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    great job on the pen box tom and some really good photography as well
    as for the pirated birdseye,that is what chuck would have wanted to happen with some of it ,,keeps the tradition alive this way
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    That is great looking box, Tom.
    Have fun tomorrow.

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    Great looking box and pens Tom, and having so many peolple involved in the making makes them a very special gift.

    Congratulations for the wedding
    Best regards,

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