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Thread: Neat Stuff, Music Wise, on YouTube

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    Neat Stuff, Music Wise, on YouTube

    I know, another YouTube thread...

    I was surfing and looking for some old classics to listen to and I found video of guys spinning the actual original vinyl records, way cool, the sound has all the hissing and pops I remember so well from records!

    The video is a little boring

    >> The Moody Blues - Knights in White Satin <<

    I find it really neat that we are using this wonderful technology to go back, as it were, and listen to the old records

    yes, I'm stuck in the L shop it is a VERY slow night.........
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    That was pretty cool... didn't watch it all the way through though... made me kinda sad that I used to have a whole stack of records..Moody Blues was one of my favorites, along with Ahmed Jamal and Tommy Garrett, and Franti and Teicher.. loved the soft slow musics ... Just before we moved to Tucson in 1994, we wanted to lighten the load some, so I copied the all to cassettes (I thought)... I check the first couple of records I recorded, but didn't after that... somewhere in the beginning of my recordings, something burned out in my player and I had 200 records on cassette that recorded the needle scratching/hissing... we sold the records the next day at a garage sale...
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