My old cell phone was going sour, the ringer wouldn't work most of the time. After some hassle with Verizon (long story, won't go into it) I got a new Motorola Rival model phone. Took me a couple hours last night and again this morning to get familiar with it's workings. Will only say, it has about lebenty-leben dozen features I don't want and probably won't ever use. It has a querty type keyboard designed for people who are only two inches tall, a camera with video, wireless internet capability, games, music and scads more. And, all I asked for was a 'basic' phone for talking. But, this was their cheapest model ($29.95) and they gave it to me (part of the long story). I can't even imagine what the $200.00 to $400.00 models do that this won't.
And this for me who still thinks smoke signals and long distance messenger runners are high tech. Oh, well.