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Thread: Hollowing Rig Question

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    Hollowing Rig Question

    I am going to take a class on hollowing in a week with a turner who has his own turning and cabniet shop. He has 4 lathes setup for instructional courses in the back of his shop (2 are One-Way and Powermatic and Jet).
    He uses Derry Lightening Hollowing system in his classes and has a Jamison setup for comparison he said. He favors the Derry system due to ease and stability in the lazaer system. He uses Thompson gouges to teach with and teaches free hand sharpening as part of the class. I have been researching Derry and it has very good reviews but i am concerned about the limitations from what im reading - limits in depth and diameter - as i remember 10" diameter is the max.
    I have a Jet 16" swing and i want a Rig that will accomodate it if i choose to turn something that large.
    wondering what other people think that are using this system or your thoughts on any other hollowing system......I know Monster, Kobra, Spindoctor all make good systems but i have read that some have issues with the lazer stability during hollowing and its accuracy......some have larger and longer bars to accomodate deeper turning etc......

    I know the topic has been beat into the ground but i have not heard of the Derry system and thought i would ask about can be seen at

    Thanks Dan
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    I've read positive things about the Derry system, but my biggest concern would be interchangeability with other brands of tools. The systems that use round boring bars can accept other bars from other makers, as well as a wide variety of different cutters.

    My vote would be for the Monster Articulated Arm hollowing system, but I'm probably a bit biased.
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    Vaughn - I see your point and have sent the guy a email asking about the interchangagbility of the tooling as you mentioned - also how they attach to the tip and the limitations of the tool for larger turnings - ill let you know what he says..........Thanks

    i have read that the laser on the Jamison is not a very good one and has stability problems etc - The Monster - Kobra - Derry - spindoctor are the ones i have narrowed my choices down to. I will probably drop the Kobra due to price but im keeping on my list for now. Spindoctors system states it will accept any tool and has a sound laser with great stability and no fussing during turning - Monster same in reviews. So im down to looking close at the three.........thanks
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    Another vote for the monster system. I have both the articulating arm unit and the captured unit. Love them both. He made me a adapter to use my Keltons in either unit. The nice thing I like is both units come complete and you don't have to add a bunch of stuff which costs more. His new laser has been back and forth on these units of mine with no problems at all.
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