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Thread: Shelf pin jig?

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    Shelf pin jig?

    I know I have seen this, but it has slipped my mined(whats left that is). I am building to bookcases and have a few more lined up aftet that. I plane on makeing a jig to use the router. Plans are to use 1/4" ply and space the holes1.5" apart? and have it set for 1" back from the edge or 1-1/2" from the edge and 9" from the top and bottom. What size collar should I use for the router? If I am using 1/4" pins, would 3/8" or 7/16" work?

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    You could use peg board & a vix bit.

    I used my friends plexi glass jig & a 4mm vix bit it worked great.
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    drill holes to accept what ever quide bushing you want to use and then space your holes that distance apart that you want the 1.5" and drill your 3/8 or 7/16 hole on that spacing put it in the middle of a ply piece ad you can move the offest where you want it...
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    Thanks Larry. It is always nice to have a second opion. In a few I will get out there and make one up.

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    I made some shelves for my wife a few years ago. Had never heard of a jig for the shelf pins (I actually used cut off pieces of 1/4" dowel) or [until today] Vix bits.
    I drew a pencil line along a steel rule the distance away from the edge I wanted then marked the spacing with a pair of dividers and drilled. Worked.
    Sometime later a friend, who is a top level furniture maker, came over and almost had a kanipshin fit when I told him how I did it. He said, "You can't do that you need a template jig." I said, "Oh."
    However, I would like to see how those Vix thingys work.

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