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    Made for my grandson Isaiah-made from cocobolo and bull-huff-the cradle swings on two 1" roller bearings inset in the cross pieces behind the little cocobolo plates-

    behind the cocobolo plates are the 1" bearings-

    rounding off the sharp corners


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    very well done!
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    Great stuff Alex. I always enjoy seeing your work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glenn bradley View Post
    Great stuff Alex. I always enjoy seeing your work.
    Ditto and then some!
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    Butifuly done and I partiularly like the through tenions. The shape of the frame is realy unique.
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    Top shelf work as usual, Alex. Very nice cradle, and it has the unique look that seems to show up in all your work.
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    For some reason, Cradles as a piece of Furniture, have very rarely turned me on, although I have admired the fine craftsmanship in them, but this one "IS" one of those Rare ones that I REALLY like. I like the Design, the contrast of the wood selection and especially the construction details of the tenons and the swing detail. (I really like that cocobolo)

    Now..........., I guess I'll show my ignorance, since no one else will bite the bullet and ask, (OR, am I the only one that has wandered through the woods of life without EVER coming across OR even hearing mention of "bull-huff" wood)??????? Is that its real name, or is it an alias for another common wood? What is it and where does it come from?

    The only thing I don't know about though is that Isaiah may not go to sleep when he is rocked in it, because with the roller bearings and the wedged tenons, it will be "Too Quiet". All babies I have been around have needed the rhythmic squeal from the swing hangers or the creak from a loose joint to send them off. You may have to go back and build one of those in.

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    What a great family heirloom, very very nice.

    Ok, I'll ask too...what is bull-huff?

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    very nice alex,, the roller bearing idea will definatly swing free huh!!! nice design and really like your tenon work as well..
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    Wonderful Alex! An heirloom for sure!
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