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Thread: OK it's another friday anybody got any exciting plans?

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    OK it's another friday anybody got any exciting plans?

    I'll be in the shop as usual. One thing I'll be doing is playing with my birthday presents..
    "There’s a lot of work being done today that doesn’t have any soul in it. The technique may be the utmost perfection, yet it is lifeless. It doesn’t have a soul. I hope my furniture has a soul to it." - Sam Maloof
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    I have hopes of lots of shop time as the family has no plans at all...that usually turns into way to much going on for shop time.

    I've got about 10 pieces that need to be finished up on the lathe, so that will be a priority. Bought time I posted something, so hope to get at it.

    Don, have fun with your new tools!
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    I will be assisting a neighbor who has to bring his wife into the hospital for some minor elective surgery today. We will make sure their kids are fed and get home at required hours.
    Us city dwellers, have to watch out for our neighbors kids, we depend on each other when relatives arent available.
    We all make sacrifices to help each other out.

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    the BED gets deliverd friday night and then i have to watch old and new hotrods all day in the woodward dream cruise
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    start work on painting the kitchen nook, I think.
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    Final sanding on my kitchen cabinets and start an engine replacement on my ole warn out truck truck (but I would rather be doing what your doing Larry....have fun)

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    My daughter and son-in-law are up from Denver - son and grandchildren here tonight and tomorrow - brother flying in with his wife on Sunday. busy, busy, busy.
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    Woodturning club tomorrow. We are having a sorta flea market sale. Bring your unwanted turning related 'stuff' and try to sell to others.

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    Step-Daughter's car caught on fire this week. Her Dad added an entire gallon of oil to it, which caused it to squirt oil all over the exhaust manifold and catch on fire. Last night I got all the melted plastic pealed off and patched up melted gas lines and such and it actually started. Still need to do some more investigation before we spend any money fixing it. So far, parts alone are totaling a similar car/condition on Craigs List, so will most likely go that route and sell this one for parts. Need to see what her Dad is willing to do or if he has a car he's planning to give her.

    Other than that, planning to start cleaning up the father-in-law's workshop so we can get some woodworking projects going. He's got a tv cabinet to build for his new flat screen.

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    A continuation of a bunch of projects:

    - excavate for the last three foundations (think industrial) of my fence project (phase 1)
    - finish paint the new euphroes (block of wood used in controlling the sheetlets on a junk rigged sailboat) that I made for a friend.
    - do some needed handtool sharpening.
    - install the new wide blade attachment on my Worksharp 3000 (although I mostly handsharpen, I use the Worksharp to re-define bevels).
    - maybe start on my handtool case. I need something that I can safely pack hand tools (planes, chisels, saws, etc.) when I go for classes. Plan on making it out of wood (of course!).
    - try and squeeze in some work on my kitchen build (I am worse than Bill Lantry)
    - go to the range and figure out which end of a golf club does what. I have not golfed all summer, been too busy.

    We have visitors coming to stay over Saturday (friend of the wife and her husband) so that they can go to a wedding. My wife promised it would require minimal socialization on my part, as she knows how busy I am. Of course she may be motivated in this regard by her desire to have me complete the fence. Can you hear the whip snap?

    All of this and also making sure that I get my running in each day.

    At least last night I completed a workshop cleanup that I started last Sunday. The place had just got out of hand. I needed to regroup before continuing to work in there. Looks great now, but I am not sure how long that will last.

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