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Thread: Makita BDF452HW

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    Makita BDF452HW

    This is an 18V lithium-ion cordless drill that was given a good rating by Fine Woodworking. Normally I don't pay much attention to those tests, but this one drilled the most holes, drove the most screws, and pretty much did more than whatever else the guy tried. So since I need a new one, why not this one. Here's the real question...right now Amazon has it listed at what seems to be a competitive price, free shipping, and a free battery offer. So that would make a total of 3 batteries with the 2 that come with it. I've read that lithium-ion batteries have a limited shelf life. This is from Wikipedia:
    "the charge in an older battery will not last as long as in a new battery due solely to its age", ie, no charge/discharge cycles.
    So what's the advantage of 3 batteries if the third one is shot by the time I need it.
    I'd be interested in hearing of anyone's personal experience with this phenomenon.


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    Keep one in the drill, one in the charger and the third on the shelf. Rotate them as you go through them. That way you always have a fresh one when you need it. I have 3 batteries for my drill and some days I use em all.
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    From what I understand the benefits of lithium batteries are;
    Consistent power from full charge to empty.
    Unlimited shelf life on charged batteries.
    Ability to recharge battery when not completely drained without causing a memory loss.

    I have one and I love it. But it was given to me. You could probably buy 2 or 3 Ryobis for the price of 1 lithium.
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    What Don said

    It is like having three pairs of socks, compared to just two, yeah two is much better than one, but three is much better than two

    Number and date your batteries as well, with a marker, somewhere you can see it.

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    Thanks for the inputs...good ideas there.

    Just placed the order. My Amazon Visa returns $25 reward certificates, so with one of those applied it came in at $166 for
    3 batteries


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