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Thread: Router Table - Change Miter Track

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    Router Table - Change Miter Track

    I have slowly but surely converted over to t-track type miter fixtures. I didn't really like them when I started out but this is where I am now. I recently changed router table tops and the stock miter track was the regular 3/8" x 3/4".
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    The screw holes will be close enough to the same that I filled the old holes with a bit of wooden Q-tip stick and gap filling glue. I let it dry overnight. The mess will get machined off when I widen the slot.

    Attachment 35692Attachment 35693

    Clamp a piece of ripped scrap down and attack with the Colt and a 5/8" pattern bit. I will only widen one side, moving me about 1/16" closer to the cutter. No big deal but I didn't need to go any further the other direction. This is a staged pic with the straight edge on the opoosite side of where I used it "for clarity".

    Attachment 35694

    To secure the track I screw clear through the table top and into the supporting struts underneath. That way if I get over enthusiastic on tightening things down I won't pull the screws out of the laminated MDF core.

    Attachment 35695

    OK, now I'm all happy.
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    Great router table you have there Glenn. And with the new guide I'm sure that you'll notice some difference.
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    Miter track

    Good looking featherboard, where did you buy it? I saw one at Amazon for $25.00, I thought that was a bit high.

    Thanks, DKT

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