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Thread: Birthday Bowl

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    Birthday Bowl

    Today is my birthday (I’m old) so I wanted to commemorate the day by turning a bowl. Earlier I had posted about turning Tupelo, but learned today that the end grain tears out very badly, so I went down to the local Woodcraft and bought a block of walnut. This is actually the first bowl that I completed on my own. I took a bowl turning class last month, but had assistance from the instructor as he used my bowl to demonstrate on.

    The bowl is about 5 ˝” X 2 ˝”, sanded to 400 grit, then finished with lemon oil, first rubbed on, then sanded damp with 400 grit, then hand rubbed again. I will let the oil dry before I wax it with Johnson’s wax. I expanded my chuck into the foot to hold the bowl for hollowing. The foot still needs some work to finish it.

    I learned a LOT from this, most importantly why I was catching with the bowl gouge and tearing out big chinks of wood. Thus, a planned enclosed form ended up as you see it, a straight sided bowl. I am pleased with it. I think it looks good, and it feels good to me. The Bride likes it, so that is what is important. Please give me some constructive criticism, as this is the beginning of the journey, and I can use direction.

    Thanks for looking.


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    Very nice bowl for a first attempt. the form although simple is done very well. Next time try for thiner walls. I also like the way you finished the bottom. This is a very important detail that most beginners neglect.
    Oh and Happy Birthday ..
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    Great looking first bowl. Form looks good and like the way you did the bottom. Well done. One of the harder ones to do with straight sides. The transition from the sides to the bottom can be a bear and cause a lot of catches. Also most times you will see the bottom way thicker than the sides. You did well for your first.

    Happy Birthday.
    Bernie W.

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    Happy Birthday!!!!!! Gave yourself a very nice present there!!!!

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Looks good to me. If you were thinking of it for use then being a bit thicker isn't a problem IMHO. Personally I think we overdo the thinner walls sometimes. The foot looks neat, clean and functional. I agree with Bernie that doing a straight walled bowl isn't the easiest and yet it is what we all do when we start for some reason. You have done well. First bowl or not it's a good 'un


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    Happy Birthday, looks like you had a good one!

    I like your bowl, well done, way better than my first bowl!

    That shape is very much like the typical Japanese bowl used for the hot soup that is drank in the morning, something like this...........

    Click image for larger version. 

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    ....... great first effort for sure, sign and date it, and you will enjoy looking back at it down the road, it is a milestone!
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    This sure looks a lot better than my first bowl. Great job.

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    Great work, Chuck. Much better than my first bowl, too. I respectfully disagree with Don...your second bowl is not a great time to try going thin. The thin walls will come at their own pace. Pushing things too much at this stage of the game can lead to frustration. The intended closed form was a perfect example of that. Many turners (me included) try to make closed form bowls right off the bat, when it'd be better to work up to them as you gain experience with the tools.

    Critique-wise, I don't have a lot to offer. The form, as Stu pointed out, is pretty "Japanese". For my own bowls, I usually prefer an even curve from rim to foot instead of the straighter sides like yours, but that's just me. The form of yours looks pretty classic for that style of bowl.

    Congrats on a fine bowl, and congrats on your birthday, too.
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    Good looking bowl Chuck. Well done.


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    Happy Birthday, Chuck!

    I especially like the bottom!
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