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Thread: Quality Source for BS Guide Bearings?

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    Quality Source for BS Guide Bearings?

    Please move this if I'm in the wrong place . . .

    I had a sluggish lower bearing guide that turned out to only need to be cleaned off. This got me thinking that having spares on hand would prevent some future frustration. Current bearings are Taiwan made 6202Z (Grizzly G0513X). I notice they come in packs of 10 for $12 - $15 but some are more. Having no experience and not wanting to buy out of ignorance and pay for it later, I come to the well of knowledge here at the forum . . .

    Single shield?
    Double shield?
    Preferred manufacturer?
    Anything else someone who doesn't know diddly, should know?


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    Double shield
    I believe the is a Kaman Bearing not to far from you. Look em up in the phone book.
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    Take one into King Bearings - there are (at least used to be) several of them around SoCal. They'll match it up for you. Shouldn't cost more than a few bucks for a much better quality bearing than the originals.

    If you can't find a King, then just about any bearing shop should have, or be able to get them for you. Ask a local auto repair shop where they get their bearings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim DeLaney View Post
    .... just about any bearing shop should have, or be able to get them for you. Ask a local auto repair shop where they get their bearings.
    +1 Any industrial type bearing supplier.

    Get the number off of them and order them online fomr someone like Motion Industries. I bet they are not $2 - $3 a piece!
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    If you don't have luck finding a local shop, Enco has them both their brand and SKF brand (next page). Z= single shield, ZZ= double shield and sealed. I usually get double sheild at a minimum to keep them clean - sealed are better for keeping them clean, but in your application, the rubber may not hold up like the metal shield.

    I have also purchased bearings from Kaman since they are close by. Oh, don't forget McMaster. I bet they'll have them as well.

    Actually Enco has them on sale - $2.57 each :
    I also found a free shipping code for orders over $25 "WEBJF9". It should work until 8/31
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