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Thread: Bandsaw tires?

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    Bandsaw tires?

    I was trying to use my bs today to cut the bow front for the window seat when the bs started shaking rapidly and blew the blade off. I shut it off and unplueg it. When I opened it up I noticed the tire had slipped of the wheel. This saw is only a year and a half old. Is this normal for the tires to wear out this quick? I am waiting to hear back from Grizzly to see what they say. I am supposed to have this dopne by wendsday. OH well one more stick in the spokes.

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    Al, I don't have a griz but my band saw has had the same tires on it for almost 4 years now and It gets a lot of use.
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    My seven year old Griz G0555, in almost daily use, is still on it's good looking tires.
    Call Griz tech support.

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    My bandsaw is over four years old, a couple of blades, but tires look good. Tires on bandsaws in the school shop I bet are over ten years old and the last two years the students put hours of use on them daily. I vote to call Griz support.

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    The tires on my TaiChi 14" saw have been one there about fifteen years, and still look pretty good.

    The first (OEM) set of tires lasted about fifteen years, too. I bought the saw in 1980 or '81.

    A couple weeks ago, just for 'insurance' I bought a set of urethane tires for it, but haven't installed them yet.
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