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Thread: Need some ideas

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    Need some ideas

    I'm just starting a cupboard for the dining room. This is will be an adaptation of a project made by Norm Abram of a Shaker design he saw at a museum. The original was made of all pine.

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    I'm thinking of making everything out of poplar except for the top which would be cherry. I would finish the cherry top as suggested by some previous posts and will paint the cabinet with milk paint. However, tradition calls for all parts made out of pine and stained. ( most of my furniture is a pumpkin pine stain). I've never worked with cherry before and I cant wait to try. Any opinions on these ideas ?

    Also, since I have trouble making perpendicular cuts with my Bosch jig saw, I was thinking of making a template out of masonite for the side cut-outs and using my router and a spiral bit to cut out the sides. My concern here is that I may chip the heck out of the edges by using this method.

    I have gotten a bit better with the jig saw. I found that if i totally focus on keeping the baseplate firmly on the work surface that my cuts are somewhat better.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. And, if the picture didnt come out right someone please put me out of my misery and just shoot me
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    well bob ,, my first thought is never paint cherry and to mix paint and cherry together hasnt got my vote either i havnt seen what your tryunt to make before and when yu say the top your reffering to the space where yu would set something? as for sguare cuts. yu dont have a table saw? and if thats the case yu need to get a straight and sguare pattern in order to make a good template.. which can be done with minimal tools but its not the easiset way to get there.. s i quess we need to know what yu have in tools to make this bob. then we can make some better evalutaions
    ok regroup.. looked at your shop!! your all set.. make your cuts for the side with your jig saw and make a template out of 1/4 masonite or 1/2 ply them sand to get the shape your after and use a pattern bit to clean up the edges watch the grain direction in your sides your gonna need to go both directions on the climb cut part go slow and firm!!!! on the other parts go steady and if your new to this take a partial cut first and then a clean up cut..
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    Great idea Larry, thank you.
    I wasn't planning on painting the cherry top (where you would sit stuff) I figured to finish it with oil or something like that. Just the cabinet would be painted. I like the early American milk paint.
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    I think also the paint and clear on cherry would be a contrast that wouldn't look correct in my home. But I am no expert, just if spending the time with cherry, would do all or most in cherry and use a stain or finish that highlights it. Milk paint, yeah, pine or country furniture, great look. But the combo I don't know if it would work for me personally. I'd say go one or the other style.

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