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Thread: Hollowing Question ?

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    Hollowing Question ?

    Question #1 - I saw in craft supplies that Mike Mahonney makes a DVD on hollowing - anybody out there seen it ? im not sure if he is using a rig or free hand - I would assume he is doing it free hand but thought i would ask.

    Yesterday at work i showed several people the vessel i did at the class i attended. Picture below - size is about 6" tall and 4-5" wide.

    They all wanted me to make them one and asked about what i would charge. One of the Dr's wants 3 of them made out of Austrailian Burls in a large size and is willing to pay for them (even after seeing the price of these kinds of burls). Ausy burls are sold by the pound normally and are expensive for good qulaity.
    Question #2 - Wondering how to price them ? looked around on the web but some are museum type and some are cheap junk......

    Ok so with 5 oders for vessels and 1 oder for a Ausy bowl I thought I should buy the hollowing rig - - - finally after reading and researching for so long - Placed the order with Monster yesterday but it will not arrive for a month because he is so back logged with orders etc - No big deal i can wait because i need some time to learn a bit more about the hollowing but it seems profitable at the moment and will help pay for the long as i don't explode an expensive burl........LOL ahhhhh well

    Last request - I live in Riverside County, California - Is anyone out there near me that turns vessels using a hollowing rig ? I have tried the Riverside chapter of wood turners but nobody close by .........if anybody does PM me I would be willing to pay for additional lessons on hollowing either free hand or with the rig............thanks Dan
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    Dan, I'm not real close by, and no expert by any means, but if you're interested in coming out to Tujunga, I'm pretty sure we could get you some lathe time with a Monster rig.
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    Dan I am not that close either but I guess you could come out and we could have some time on the DVR.

    I do have Mahoney's DVD and also David Ellsworths DVD on free hand hollowing. Both to me are very good. They cut about 1/3 of the side out so you can see the tool action and how it is suppose to work. I have watched both at least 3 or 4 times.
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    Dan, Much of you do with the Aussie burl will depend on how wet it is. If the burls are from Tasmania the chance are they will be very wet and the drying out will quite long.
    If dry then Tungsten tip hollower is the way to go as a dry Aussie burl is darn near bullet proof.

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    You may want to check if there is a turning club in your area. I know that is where I learnd alot and people are alwas will to show off, I mean teach Overall it is a jsut a great resource to meet a great group of people as well.

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    Hi Dan,
    I have the Mahoney DVD and he does all the hollowing by hand. He mentions captured systems when he talks about hollowing tools, but uses Jordan's hollowers and the Kelton systems in his demonstration.
    By the way, I use the Kobra system for deep hollowing and love it. One you set it up, you can forget about catches and vibration.

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