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Thread: First 2 pens

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    First 2 pens

    Hey everyone, took a free pen turning class a couple of months ago at the local Woodcraft. All I had to pay for was materials. Pretty sweet deal! There were only about 4 of us in the class, including the 2 instructors, and everyone was very helpful. I also received much help from Frank, so thanks Frank! Here are the results. The one on the left was the first one, turned in class, and it is Olive Wood. Loved the smell and it worked really nice. The next one I did at home after I bought a mandrel and mill kit. I believe it is Zebra Wood? I could be wrong on that. It came in a package of 4 exotic woods so I will have to double check on that. I had a few tearout issues with that one but it turned out alright. All in all the pens were fun and something new. I don't know that I'm going to go pen crazy but I will probably turn some here and there for gifts Thanks for lookin!
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    Westley, let me be the first to say....well done. Those look great!


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    Excellent job on both pens, Westley. Looks like you got the fit right on the money. Not sure about the zebrawood. It's usually ligher in color, with the dark stripes. I'm guessing it's something else, but whatever it is, it looks great.
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    good going wes!

    that bottom one looks like kingwood to me.
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    Looks like you were paying attention in the class. They came out pretty nice.

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    Those are beauties Westley. Well done.
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    To your credit, you did not start out with Slimlines.
    And, you did not turn in a bunch of bumps and coves and curlies. That is common with first pens. Most do it. DAMHIK.
    These look very fine, good fit. Working on the finish can come later.
    All in all, very well done.
    I'm not sure about the wood in the bottom one either. It looks like it might be genuine Bias Cut Sumptin'.

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    Wood in the bottom could also be wenge. I have had some issues turning wenge. It was brittle.

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    Nice pens ,,, Traitor here i thought yu were died in the wool flat worker...
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    Very nice job Mine would probobly look very bad.
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