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Thread: Guitar picks

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    Guitar picks

    After seeing the picks that Edward Alexander (Alex) made, I was tempted to give it a try. I had some Maple scrap laying around and a small piece of Walnut. I modeled the style after some plastic picks that I use when playing. You may or may not be able to tell, but a couple of the picks have a tung oil finish, one has a boiled linseed oil finish, one is a wax finish and one has no finish at all.

    I tried using one the other night, and it worked great. Fun project.

    Thanks to Alex for the idea.
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    Lee Laird
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    Lee-your welcome and thanks for the pick you gave me, it worded really well until I put it down--it's not lost just don't know where it is--oh it's not in the freezer.


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    Those look great, Lee. I might ought to look in some of my scrap piles to see if I have anything that might work for picks.
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