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Thread: NEW Shop expansion! approx 50 sq ft

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    NEW Shop expansion! approx 50 sq ft

    Working in 20x24 garage shop with too many tools , doing my son's kitchen became very frustrating as I had to keep moving the cabinets around, depending on machine I was using. I started shopping for a used trailer and found a 6x12 that was used for moving furniture. It came with a ramp, side wall slots and lots of straps. As I stain the cupboards , I have moved some out to the trailer. When I have everything finished, it's a 150 mile road trip to for the install! I guess I can't multiply! should be about 70 sq ft inside! Doh!
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    Man, I could use something like that for my tool overflow. Great solution, Bryan.
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    great idea and probally cheaper than building a structure of that size!!! and yu can use it fr more than one thing
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    Nice trailer, especially with the e-trac in there. I'm going to have to look for one of those some time next year... to help with the migration to VA

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