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Thread: Saving an image from sketchup???

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    Saving an image from sketchup???

    I'm a rookie at sketchup. I'm trying to save a picture of a design, so I can email it to a potential customer. The customer doesn't have sketchup, so I need to convert a pic of the project to a 2-D JPEG. All the "save" options on sketchup seem to save it in the sketchup program. I see people post pics from sketchup all the time. How do you do it, pray tell?

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    from the File menu with your model open to the view you want to show

    Select [Export] then [2d Graphic] that will open a 'save as' window, name your file and select the type of image... jpeg would probably be safest as you said.
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    Thanks Ned!! I thought I had tried that option, but I guess not, it worked like a charm.

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