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Thread: Ridgid and Home depot

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    Ridgid and Home depot

    This is my review of the Shop Vac Ridgids 5 hp that HD put on sale July 4th for 29.99
    The vac is strong and works great. There were no attachments, just a 2 section arm and small floor attachment.
    Ive had it for about 6 weeks, only used it 4 or 5 times.
    The hose, cracked already.
    I had my genie(still do), for 16 years before the hose cracked. And I used it for anything, from water to sludge to leaves to food and assorted other debris. It is only a 2.5 HP, and I wanted a bit stronger.
    So 29.99 for the vac, a replacement hose starts at 17.00 dollars, I bought the more flexible 10ft hose for 37.00 dollars. They got me.

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    I'd take it back. One thing about HD is they'll take it back in 30 days No questions asked.
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    Hi Allen,

    We are very hard on shop vacs out in the field, and the only ones we use are the large Ridgid vacs(don't recall the model-they cost about $150 at HD). These machines have held up well with heavy use for the last 5+ years. We use those expensive upgrade hoses and just expect the cheap ones to get torn up. The one good thing I can say about the Ridgid vacs is that it is easy and cheap to get what we need (HD's on every other corner around here ) and I just treat them as disposable job supplies.

    My two high dollar Festool vacs get treated much,much better.

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    That is a bummer. I've been dragging my 25ft Ridgid hose all over the shop for 5 years or so with no problem. I also have a small Ridgid that I got for about $25 during a Christmas sale 3 Chritmases ago. I swing the hose between various tools on a switched outlet rig, no problems. I'd call it a defective hose and ask for a replacement. Even though you already bought the other hose, a spare section can come in handy. BTW, the 25ft hose was about $30 online from Ridgid.
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    Dunno nuttin' 'bout Rigid.
    But, locally, it seems other folks feel about Home Depot the same way I do. It is a place to avoid.
    On any given day the Lowe's parking lot is full. The HD parking lot would be a good place to play cannons.
    There has to be a reason. I have mine, actually many.

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    when I purchased it, I didnt want a hose smaller than 2.5 inch. I read over every inch on the box, it made no mention of hose size, and I had no clue hoses came smaller, 1 7/8 inch.
    I just thought its funny that they sell it, but the replacement hoses, the better quality ones, are made for 2.5 inch with 1 7/8 inch attachments so you can use it for the smaller diameter.and at 37 bucks, thats more than the vac.

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