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Thread: Planning a Lathe Stand

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    Planning a Lathe Stand

    Im planning to purchase the Jet JWL-1220VS Lathe (708376VS) in the next few months. I want to build a wooden stand for the lathe based on the available space. The manual has the dimensions as 41x12x15 1/2.

    A. Will a 36x18 platform be adequate?
    Based on plans Ive found in various books, magazines, and websites, I,ve devised a 36x 18x 36 stand constructed of framing lumber and plywood.

    B. How large should the opening in the bench top for the motor (as noted on Page 8 of the manual) be?

    My plan is for straight legs (Doubled 2x4s) and 3 stringers (2x3s) on each side. The top will be 2x3s covered by 3/4" plywood.

    Using the height to my elbow (43 3/4"), a 36" stand should put the spindle at 43 3/4".

    This will get me started. If I get more room, I'll get the extension for the lathe, and add on to the the stand.

    I'll be able to add a weight box, draws, or doors as needed.

    Thank you!

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    Not really sure I understand your question.
    The Jet 1220 has a 20" bed unless you got the extension.
    In that case, you should well support both ends.
    Then you mention height. My answer to that is make it whatever is comfortable for you. I'm not very tall but seem to like my lathe a bit higher than many use or recommend. Bending slightly for extended periods of time is a back killer, I prefer to stand straight.

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    Joseph I made my stand a little higher. My spindle height would have put my spindle height at 44 1/2". I made mine to where the height to the spindle is right at 47". It does help like Frank said on the back bending. I would definitely make a ballast box when you build the stand for stability. The opening under the motor should be big enough that the chips will fall thru. I would make a opening at least half the bed length. This will allow the chips to drop away from the lathe and make clean up a lot easier.
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    Thank you!

    I've decided to start the stand, buy the Lathe, and adjust as needed.

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    I agree with the higher than normal lathe height. I have my lathes quite high but also am not doing bowls or HF. My spindle height on my lathes is at or a couple inches higher than my elbow height from the ground. I second on the bench top letting chips and such fall through. Good luck and take plenty of pictures of the process.

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    I'm sure your stand will be better built and prettier than mine, here is a picture of the stand I built... mine is a Jet 1014, so sizes will be slightly smaller than you'll need. The box on the bottom is full of gravel/rocks for stability. All told I think the stand and lathe weight right around 200 or 250 lbs.

    Like Frank and Bernie, I wanted the spindle height high so I don't have to bend... I think my spindle height is 47 inches like Bernies... I'm just under 6'1", so it's a good height for me.
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