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Thread: New Tools Question

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    New Tools Question

    I have been looking to purchase some better quality gouges for my wood turning and wanted to see who has the better tools and prices - I have bought 1/2 bowl roughing gouge from Thompson Tools and really like the tool - but now i need to get a couple or more finishing gouges and detail gouges but i am not familiar enough with what is good and which ones - Sooooo im turning to the fellow turners out here for suggestions and advice--------Let me know what you think

    Second i have seen on craft supplies the Raptor gages for the grinder seem easy and fast to use when sharpening - anybody else using them or have a comment on them? what angle are you using mostly ? 45? 50? or ?

    Thanks ahead of time Dan

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    Dan I also have the Thompson spindle gouges and detail spindle gouges. I bought the 3/8" and 1/2" of both. The raptor gage I can't comment because never have used it. Figured I have my wolverine figured out so really don't need it.
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    Yep i have the wolverine also and use it like thompson suggests on my 1/2 roughing gouge.......guess i may get more from him just thought i would see what others are recommending for detail and finish work......thanks Dan

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    I'd go with the Thompson tools for your detail gouges, too. I have the 3/8" shallow detail gouge, and it's sweet. I use it a lot. I use it rolled over almost completely sideways, taking a shearing cut with the tip while riding the bevel. Took a little learning, but now it's a very useful weapon in the arsenal.
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    Any of the name brand high speed steel tools will serve you very well. The powder steel tools may exceed them in quality. Some good reports have been posted here.
    Of all the sharpening gadets I have tried over the decades, nothing comes close to the Wolverine for doing the job well consistently.

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    Most people get the 3/8 detail and the 1/2 spindle, the Raptor is a coin toss because no one has reviewed one yet. You need the 40 and 60 degree angles.

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    I have the Raptors and I feel they are worth the 20 bucks for the set. Makes getting a consistent grind MUCH easier, for me at least. Used with my Wolverine arm and homebrew "Vari-jig" I'm getting the same grind everytime and wasting a lot less steel. Use all three, 40 for spindle and detail gouges, 45 and 50 for bowls gouges. Two thumbs up

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