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Thread: Dado blade set

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    Dado blade set

    I needed a new dado blade for my table saw because the one for my Shopsmith wouldn't fit besides its was pretty dull. (no carbide)
    Being frugal I looked on CL and couldn't fing one and then went to ebay. After losing several bids on real nice Freud sets I cautiously placed a bit on a new set that had a selling price of $26.00. I got it for $24.
    I couldn't imagine that this would be any type of quality set. I mean the Freud is $100 and this was $24. How good could it be?
    It came a few days ago. Looked to be same design as the Freud, came with 4 brass shims and looked pretty good.
    I tried it this morning for the first time. I cut 3/4" dados in some pine, poplar and maple. It made perfectly flat bottom cuts and there was no chipping at all on the sides or ends. Amazing, one of the few times I actually bought something on the cheap that worked out.

    For anyone interested the name is Lifetime Carbide. 8" tungsten carbide tipped dado set. The seller had quite a few of them it think. Google dado on ebay.
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    Lifetime carbide is sold by Harbor Freight:

    Sounds like it is doing what it is supposed to. I have a few HF items that are just as good as others at twice the price. Some, not so good but, they do have diamonds in the rough for sure.
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    I have the HF one and have ben well pleased.

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