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Thread: Jet slow speed jig

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    Jet slow speed jig

    I have a Jet slow speed sharpening system (just got it) The Jig that allows you to sharpen like spindle gouge, you know it has a pointer that sticks down into a v and you roll the tool. The Jet is so slick and shinny I have a hard time keeping it from slipping out of the V pocket.

    Before I modify it I though I'd see if anyone had one of these and what I might be doing wrong.

    Man it get tools scary sharp. I have a home made wolverine for quick fixes but to straighten them out and get that hair cut edge I know I'll be using this a lot.

    It ticks me off they don't make a users manual. They have a great DVD but who wants to load that every time you want a refresher.

    What you get is a very deal tailed parts manual.

    It has many advantages over the Tormeck and believe me i'm not knocking the Tormek it will do anything this will, but the torque adjustment and variable speed are water tray are nice features on the Jet.

    I was told you can down load a user manual from Tormek that is basically the same thing as the Jet, it 8.50. I went to do that but they want the ser # off the Tormek which I don't have of coarse.

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    I guess I'll do what I suggested, modify it, thanks for all that looked at the question.

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    I have a Tormek T7. I looked at the Jet gouge jig on Amazon, and it's not the same design as the Tormek. The Tormek is a well-thought-out design, one piece with articulating tool head, and no pointy thing to keep in its place. It wouldn't do you any good to get the Tormek manual for this jig. You might, however, consider getting the Tormek gouge jig (SVD-185) as I think it fits on the Jet tool rail. It appears to be a much better jig design.


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    Hey Bill...check your PM Inbox.

    I'll echo what Ed mentioned. The Tormek bowl gouge jig is a different design than the Jet, but it'll work on the Jet. I really like it, and I'm planning to get the new Tormek parts to allow me to use the same jig on my Woodcraft 1725 rpm grinder for the times I want to change a profile quickly.
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    I went ahead and looked at the Tormeck jig and duplicated it. I used the Jet tool holder and just made the part that slips over the bar, Works great. I would be glad to show you a picture if you PM me.


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