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Thread: Digital camera

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    Digital camera

    I am looking for a new camera to takes pics of my work. Currently I am using mostly a cell phone and the pics are horrible. Want to stay under $150. Only thing it needs to do is take good clear pics. Other then that I do not care.

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    Look at the Nikon Cool Pix series.
    I purchased several different point and shoot digi cams, in that price range, mostly for wife and daughter. All, except the Nikons disappointed us.
    The previous one I bought for my wife was a Pentax. Everything just great. EXCEPT, it took only two to four shots on a pair of batteries. Bad news.
    With the Nikon she shoots and shoots and shoots.
    BTW, I started using Lithium batteries last March and have taken well over 1,000 pictures, about 25% with flash, on four batteries. Love 'em. Well worth the extra initial cost.

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    I vote for the Nikon Cool Pcs also. I have used one for b usiness for sometime now. It takes a beating and keeps on ticking..Opps thats my watch.
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    I like Canon's but I would recommend the Nikon Cool Pix as well. I bought one for my wife and she has no problem using it, which says A LOT! I think the one I bought was around $250, but she liked the large viewer on the back, which is also touch screen.

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    Haven't used the Nikons, but have used Canon and Kodak point-and-shoots. Both are compact, fit in your pocket types. I liked both, and both are still functioning well after many years of abuse.

    One thing to consider is the battery charger. If you buy a camera with proprietary batteries (both our cameras) check the factory charger configurations. Our Canon came with a compact charger which makes travel very easy. The Kodak came with a docking station (great for at home use) but for travel, it uses the wall transformer plugged into the camera to charge the battery which can be a pain. The compact travel charger for the Kodak was an added option.

    Now if you buy a camera that uses standard batteries, it makes finding a good charger solution easier. The trade off is the the camera is larger to accommodate the batteries.


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    I have the Nikon CoolPix - great camera. The Vibration Reduction (or whatever VR stands for) optically removes a lot of the camera shake - now that I have it, I don't know how I lived without it. I didn't want a proprietary battery, but I have never run the battery dry - despite hundreds of pictures in a day. They start a little over $100 but the high end are worth the upgrade in picture quality and other features ... not just status.
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    "canon power shot" goes for around 150 and uses a normal battery 2 AA which is handy when yours runs dry.. it what i have been using for some time now with stablizer go value for the dollar..better hlaf got the nikon cool pix and gets by with it but it isnt as easy to use as the canon. in my opinion
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