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Thread: $18 - Hitachi D10VH 3/8” Drill 6.0 Amp, EVS, Reversible (Reconditioned)

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    $18 - Hitachi D10VH 3/8” Drill 6.0 Amp, EVS, Reversible (Reconditioned)

    >> Hitachi D10VH 3/8” Drill 6.0 Amp, EVS, Reversible (Reconditioned) <<
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sometimes you just need a corded 3/8" drill, I could sure use one, in fact, I might buy two of these, as the shipping is the same for two as one, and give the second one to my buddy Neil who has been helping me at the Aparto.

    $18 for this drill? Heck, I think that might beat Harbor Freight

    Holy cow, it DOES beat HF >> HERE <<

    Which would you rather have

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    Now thats a good deal. Looks much more professional than the HF one. I may have to check out my "secret tool" budget
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    Thanks Stu. My Bosch has quit and I know it would cost that much to repair it. Still will send it off but I grabbed on at that price!
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    Now that is a good deal, I picked one up for a spare. Thanks

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