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Thread: Challenge?

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    Don't suppose anyone is interested in a SketchUp challenge are they? Maybe no one cares about them anymore?

    If so, give this one a shot. If no one is interested, I'll remove this post to clear the clutter.

    This is a bent-wood base for a glass-topped table.

    Note that this thing is circular and there is an odd number of humps. The curve is sinusoidal.
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    That one's way beyond my skills, but even if nobody takes the challenge, you should leave it here for inspiration for us SU mortals.

    It looks like it'd be a very challenging (but fun) table to build, too.
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    Hi Vaughn. I hope my challenges are inspiring but I worry that they aren't.

    It does look like an interesting and fun thing to make although I'm not planning to do so. Someone asked me how to draw something similar to this. This one was my first attempt without having anything to go by.
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    That looks dandy. My wheels are churning on how i'd sketch it ... if I get the time, I'll give it a go!

    I absolutely love your challenges. Even if I don't reply to the thread, I catch 'em and they DO inspire me to try new things, for sure!
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