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Thread: Getting Smoky Around Here

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    Getting Smoky Around Here

    I don't if it's made the national news, but fire season is upon us again here in the land of fruits and nuts. I was driving around Thursday night for a while, and went and watched the La Canada Flintridge fire when it was only about 500 acres. It's now over 5100 acres, about 5 or 6 miles away from us, and headed in our general direction. No imminent threat yet, but we're gonna stay on our toes this weekend. Our house is the blue marker just above where it says Sunland.

    The fire is headed towards Big Tujunga Canyon, the canyon you see to the north and east of our house. It's downhill from its current location to our house, but the winds can drive it any direction. Right now we're just getting a lot of smoke and ash.

    Conditions are and dry. It's 80º right now (4:30 AM) here, with humidity in the low 20% range.

    Dan and Glenn, are you getting any of the smoke? (I don't know where you are in relation to the Hemet fire, Glenn.)
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    Its big news up here in the North. All over the news. I can only imagine how nervous everyone is.
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    Best of luck with that Vaughn, sucks to be in that kind of situation.

    I wish I could send you some of our weather, we have a typhoon bearing right down on us this coming ......

    Click image for larger version. 

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    ..... most of the typhoons here come from below the equator, thus they rotate opposite to the hurricanes you guys get in the US, we are on the West of this typhoon, which in our case is GOOD, still, it may mess up my garbage removal day on Monday

    I'm sure you could use some of the rain we got on the way!
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    Time to call my cousin again. She lives in southern California with her nearly 100 year old mother. I call her during fire season to see if she is alright. She calls me during tornado season for same reason.

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    Oddly enough, when the prevailing wind conditions are right, we get thick smoke in our valley from the southern CA fires. At least last year it was thick and hazy from fires in the Santa Barbara area.

    Yesterday it was so thick we could smell it, but I think that was from the big meadow fire.

    Today the winds shifted and it's cleared up.
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    hope all invovled get it under control.
    best of luck to you this weekend and next week.
    stay safe

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    Hey Vaughn,
    I grew up in that area, back in the 50's and 60's my brothers and I spent a lot of summer days swimming at Hansen Dam, graduated from high school in Sun Valley. Haven't been back there in 30 years, your map brought back some memories!
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    Good luck and keep us posted.

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    Hey Vaughn, holding off on buying any marshmallows and graham crackers...don't want to jinx you.

    Stay safe!

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    Good luck, Vaughn. I hope the fire stays away from where you guys are. Good to know that you guys are prepared though, just in case.

    Boy! I had no idea that there was place called Mt Disappointment near Altadena.


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