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Thread: Craigs list and used tools

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    Craigs list and used tools

    I guess IM just unlucky, but the past couple of months my experiences with the absolute jerks that offer used tools or equipment on craigs list are just total junk, nonsense, insanity. Call it what you want.
    I got in touch with one guy through email. He was advertising he moved, had an entire storage garage fool of hand tools and equipment, alot of woodworking accessories.
    Reluctantly, since he sounded like he wasnt trying to scam, I sent him my cell number voluntarily, so hed know i was interested.
    He calls me 3 days later. 3 days. He posted he needed to empty the storage container within a few days. Ok, 3 days past, he first called me.
    Not a biggie, but I didnt understand why hed even go through the trouble to mention this if it indeed had no bearing whatsoever. Maybe he thought Id think hes desperate and call sooner.
    He tells me oh, great, hes right in so and so, and I say, really, Im in the next town!
    He tells me he has to go away on business, can I call him back in 2 days. so I say ok.
    Again, he doesnt return my call for an additional 2 days, saying he got stuck on business, so I still say, ok, whatever.
    What do you have I ask? He goes over a small list, mostly handheld saws, drills, etc. Alot of supplies, tool boxes, clamps, jigs, parts, bits, router bits, and hes just looking to get rid of it.
    He reminds me again where he is, and I say, ok, when can I come over and take a look, I could use some extra hand tools.
    He says tomorrow, callme and can you meet me at noon?
    I say sure, works good for me.
    I call him at 11:45, since he said hes in next town. He then tells me the tools are located almost an hour away, and he can only see me there after 10 pm.
    Ok, this guy is a moron. Not really what I think of him, but the rules here wont let me be a bit more explicit.
    Maybe a thief, but certainly a moron.

    I contacted a guy a bit back who was selling out a woodworking shop that folded. Most of his equipment was 3 phase big stuff, not for me, and if its a commercial shop I figured, its very well used, again, Im not a mechanic, Id be in trouble. But I was interested in his clamps. He sent me a list.
    Nothing spectacular, a few besseys. He didnt want to break it up, he wanted me to buy them all or nothing.
    there were 40 or something clamps.
    I sat there and priced each clamp up as if I had to buy the jorgensens from HD, or some besseys from lowes, used their prices, and they run alot of sales.
    so I remember some of the sales what I paid for the small clamps, mostly what he had, most 24 inches or smaller.
    I then divided the new cost by 50%, figured to purchase all the clamps I really dont need, half off retail is a fair price. when someone tells me 6 inch clamps, no name brand, I know they could be 3 dollar clamps.
    He was shocked at my price. I told him how I figured it, and he told me what he paid new for them. I then directed him to 3 different web sites and asked him why I would pay him for used stuff, then I can buy new online, with free shipping, and he told me I was crazy. Ok, maybe I am, but I had the prices, that day prices, from legitimate places, like hd, woodcraft, etc......and he told me those prices are insane, he wanted this or that, and I told him sorry, not interested.
    I get alot of junk mail, so I figure all these guys are just gathering email addys to sell to advertisers.
    the list of my attempts can go on, the latest being a jet lathe. It was incredible I asked for the model number and the person told me twice, its a jet, what else do I need to know!
    I havent given up. I hope some of yo uhave better luck than me on craigslist used tools.

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    Hey Allen,

    Yes I think you do have pretty bad luck with Craigslist. I often scour my area for tools and I have met some goofballs, but here's my list of tool finds that I can recall from the last 3 years or so.

    $40 Makita circ saw with large aluminum base (dedicated for plywood)
    $100 Rockwell multispeed 14" bandsaw
    $180 Delta lathe
    $20 Makita 10" chop saw
    $150 Delta 1 1/2 HP dust collector
    $160 Jet 15" planer
    $300 Delta DJ-20 8" jointer
    $200 larger Delta lathe with HSS chisels
    free Buffalo 17" drill press
    free Craftsman radial arm saw
    $40 rockler router table with 2 aluminum plates and fence
    $75 24" Porter-Cable OmniJig

    It does take patience if you want something particular and you have to be prepared to sort through the junk listings. If the deal starts going wacky I walk away, those yahoos aren't worth my time.

    Right now I am looking for a large jointing plane and a large HP router, I may never find one but the hunt is fun for me. Overall just roll with it and don't let weirdos get to you.

    Dan Gonzales
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    I never bought anything on Craislist not that I haven't tried. I did sell my metal lathe on CR and used the preceeds to buy my wood lathe. I look at it occasionaly but never find anything that I need.
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    I got into CL about 6 months ago. So far the results have been pretty good. I've sold a few things that I was going to put in the dump. I've made around $1000. Most people have been pretty good but a few either never return calls or show up when promised.
    I bought my table saw on CL for $150. It was like brand new and had a few jigs, blades and attachments. real happy with it.
    I also bought my Delta mortiser and tenoning jig off CL. Both were brand new in unopened box. The mortiser was $100 and the Woodcraft tenoning jig was $30.00.
    I just bought a few days ago an old 41/4" jointer. Mongomery Ward, from the 60's.The guy said that it ran too slow to cut well. He even put on 3 new knives. It came with a 1/3hp 1725 rpm westinghouse motor but he had a 2" pulley on the motor and a 1" one on the jointer. I looked up the specs and bought a 2-1/4" pulley and a 6" pulley plus a 52" belt. It should now run round 4000-4200 rpm. I paid $10.00 for the jointer.
    Its a crap shoot I guess, just gotta keep you eye open for a deal.
    Faith, Hope & Charity

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    I have never had a problem besides alot of no shows when I sold a couple of tools, like the ryobi tablesaw, and a piece or two of outdoor furniture.
    And I did meet the nicest guy I buy wood from now on CL, Thats about it though, the last 6 months have been nothing but whack jobs.

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    I've been trying to sell a car and a TV on CL for a week now - the only emails I got were from scammers trying to get me to give them personal info and promising a "cashiers check". They should all fall off a cliff.
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    yeah, theyll foward you an extra 500 dollars for your trouble, just send them you name, and account number where to send the money.

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    I've had pretty good luck off craigs list. I'm usually a day late and a dollar short on most of the good deals though. I did get a 19" grizzly band saw that looked new for less than half price a couple years ago. I've also had fair luck selling stuff too. I do hate the no shows however.

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    Craiglist is just made up of people. Just like ebay, you can't blame the car for the fool behind the wheel.
    I sold my old lathe from CL. Met a couple really nice people as a result. Quick sale, got my price.
    It's just an electronic classified ad.
    Folks is funny critters.

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