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Thread: Interdepartment communication?

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    Interdepartment communication?

    Apparently Blue Cross doesn't have it. Shortly after my mom passed away I got a condolence letter from them saying that the withdrawl for her supplimental coverage would stop. Mom died in June, they were still taking payments in August. I had her agent call (again) and they apologized and said they would send a refund check. I got the check on Friday and a bill for coverage for the September to December time frame.

    I wonder if a copy of the death certificate, a copy of the refund check, a photo of her headstone and a picture of the skunk in the bottom of her grave will convince them that she won't be paying any more premiums.


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    Its amazing how some people can mindlessly do a job.
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    Dale I can understand what you mean. I recently got a call from collections at Citi Mortgage notifying me that my mortgage was almost 30 days late...for the house I sold almost 30 days ago.

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    Amazing stuff happens both way. Three years after my mother passed, I got a refund check from Medicare for $5.00 on an overpayment. And, she had been on Medicade for almost three years before that cost was incurred.
    Go figger.

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