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Thread: Gloat coming?????

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    Gloat coming?????

    Ok you guys understand the excitement of a new tool coming

    First photo is my shop before last Saturday

    Second photo is after last Saturday

    Soo whats coming update Sunday

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    I don't care about what's coming but what did you do with that nice saw? CA isn't too far for me to drive.

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    It's either the maid...or a new table saw?
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    Na its the Harley Davidson Truck.
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    If you're moving up from the PM, then my guess is a slider or perhaps a Sawstop.
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    Dan....when I make statements like this and don't wife accuses me of being a "big talker"....

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    I'm with Vaugh

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    I hope the PM is just off to the left out of the camera view, and I hope you are getting a lathe

    BYW, this is not a Gloat, it is a tease

    Sunday your time or mine???

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    With all the mustard I see in that shop (along with a MM16) it has to be a PM3520B

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    With the amount of room showing, it might be a festool system. After a serious presentation, I'm really thinking about selling Both of my table saws and getting the Saw and table.

    Gonna have to wait for the Nova to make me some money, so I can buy it.


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