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Thread: Pearl Jam Concert

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    Pearl Jam Concert

    Well it's been over a week now but August 23 Angie and I went to see Pearl Jam in concert at Chicago's United Center. We've never seen them in concert until now and it was always one of those "have to do this before I die" kind of things. The show was awesome. Eddie Vedder was born near Chicago so it was cool to hear him talk about all of his experiences growing up. And man o man I do not know how he can even talk after singing. They are huge fans of The Who so they did two covers which were The Real Me and Love Reign O'er Me... I don't know if you've heard their version or not, but it is pretty intense! They also covered The Needle and the Damage Done by Neil Young, and gave a little tribute to Michael Jackson which I thought was cool. I took some pictures which aren't that great because we had upper level seats, but still it was an awesome time I also recorded some video clips on my camera, which to my suprise turned out much better than expected for a little point n shoot camera. I don't think I can post those on here though Anyway thanks for checkin it out. Ooooh almost forgot about the Coldplay concert a few weeks ago too! Don't worry I'll make another post for that
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    Cool...looks like a great time, and you got some pretty decent shots. I've never been a big PJ fan, but I'm betting they'd be good in concert.
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    Learn something new every day. I grew up in Evanston - though never knew an Eddie. (plus he's a year or two younger) I would think their take on The Who would be really cool. Though I can't picture the Neil Young songs. Sounds like a good time.

    I haven't been to a concert in many many years. Don't like the crowds anymore. I guess I'm gettin' old.


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    Very cool Westley. I've seen them 2 times myself. They put on a great show. My first show was in 1991 at a free music festival...loved them ever since.
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