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    Coldplay Concert

    As promised, here is my post about the Coldplay concert. This is the 5th time I have seen their show and I must say that it get's better everytime. This is hands down the best, most entertaining concert I have ever seen in my life. If you even slightly enjoy their music or even just a few songs and have a chance to see them, do not pass it by. I apologize for the bad pictures but we were pretty far away in grass seats, although by the end of the show we moved up in the grass all the way to where the seats end. The show was at Alpine Valley in East Troy, WI which is only about 15 min from my house. It's by far my favorite venue so to have my favorite band play there too, what a combination. As corny as it sounds, this band has inspired me in music, thoughts on life, and just so many things for about 8 years now and it is crazy to see how large they've become. And as most people expect large bands like this to lose personality or appreciation for fans and are there to just put on an entertaining show, they are exactly the opposite and the amount of modesty they show is incredible. The crowd is pretty diverse. It's mainly "kids" my age but there's also many children and older couples.

    Angie and I went with 2 of my buddies that I've know for quite some time. One of my friends is an artist who stayed up late the night before painting the band a canvas and mounting different sculptures on it. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it, but it turned out really nice. Then somehow online he got ahold of their tour manager's email. This is the same friend that knows Howie Day and got me in to meet him and hang out with him (posted that around March I believe). So he emailed the manager explaining that he made the band an art piece and would like to get it to them somehow and gave her his phone number. On the way to the show she called him, English accent and all, and said that she wants to arrange a way for us to drop it off and to call when we get there and she'll tell us where to go. So now I'm freaking out thinking we're going to get to meet Coldplay! But not trying to give my hopes up at the same time because I figured that it would be highly unlikely. When we called back she said she was "in a meeting w/ the band let me call you back." So eventually she did and told us that the band would not be able to meet up with us, but that she would and take it off our hands and that the band will definitely be seeing it. Long story short we waited for about an hour at a back gate and talked to the manager for a few minutes. Still pretty exciting.

    The first picture was taken during the song Yellow which some of you may know. It was their first big hit in the US back in 2000 I believe. There were well over a hundred yellow balloons floating around everywhere that when popped, flew out yellow confetti everywhere. The second picture is the second time the band ended up on a mini stage right in the middle of the crowd in the grass section. They played a few acoustic songs, one of which included a tribute to Michael Jackson... a fast acoustic version of Billy Jean. It was really cool. The third picture is really blurry but they made the whole crowd do "the wave" with their cellphones Pictures 4, 5, and 6 were during a song off their new album called Lovers in Japan. At 2 points during the song they shoot out thousands of thin paper butterflies into the crowd. The second time they are fluorescent colors and lit up by black light.

    Picture 7 is one of the many backdrops that were on the stage. Picture 8 is when Chris Martin came back for the encore. He explained that the chart he was holding showed the numbers for guest attendance for all their shows and that so far in this tour, we became #1. It was somewhere around 34,000 people if I remember correctly. To me that's good news because hopefully they will want to keep coming back there for shows

    Almost forgot to mention that they gave away a free live cd at the end of the show. It's called Left Right Left Right Left. We made sure to grab a couple. I guess that about wraps everything up. Thanks for letting me share, sorry for talking your ear off! I just get excited talking about this band and their shows Don't miss out if you get a chance to see them!
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    Sounds like a fun concert, Westley. Bummer that you didn't get to meet the band, but there's always next time.
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    That does look like a fun concert Westley.

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