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Thread: Tony's pony

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    Tony's pony

    Here’s a rocking horse that I just completed for my one year old grand-nephew, Anthony.

    It’s sorta based on an article in the current (Oct ’09) issue of Wood magazine. I made quite a few changes to the original plans, though – like adding the ‘anti-rollover’ tips to the rockers; making the horse’s mane an added on piece of walnut instead of drawing it on with a magic marker; and making the whole thing out of various hardwoods instead of using the 20” edge-glued pine panel the magazine suggested.

    I also made a Plexiglas template, and routed the stars into the saddle instead of painting them on.

    The body is red oak, the mane and tail are walnut, and the seat/saddle is cherry. Finish, in keeping it child-chewing safe, is shellac.

    Also, the original used glued on ‘googly’ eyes, which I figured a child could pull off and swallow (choke hazard?) so I used molded plastic eyes that have a mounting stem – and epoxied them in.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Side View 1.jpg   hind quarter (Medium).jpg   Head (Medium).jpg   saddle (Medium).jpg  
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    I have that magazine Jim and I like your version much better That should give the little guy lots of great saddle time Well Done

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    Great job, Uncle Jim.
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    Nice work mate. I bet Tony will be happy.
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    Very nice. Wish I had a rocking horse when I was young.

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    Giddyup Grandpa!! Pretty snazzy!!!

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    you have achieved favorite uncle status! good work!
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    nice job jim feels good to do things for family and see that they appreciate it.. nice touch with the walnut mane
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    I have the same issue as well. You plan is much better than theirs. I was thinking of making a couple for Christmas presents.
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    Looks really nice. Have you treid it out?

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