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Thread: 11 x 22 packed full of goodness

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    11 x 22 packed full of goodness

    well, here it is in all its glory! LOL

    just kidding, its a small 11' x 22' shop built onto the back of our garage with a sloped roof. its small but i have to make do with what i have.
    i would like to put up a metal shed in the back yard right next to it or build some kind of lean-to just for a place to store my lumber. there is
    a rack in the shop but i want to get the wood setup vertically instead of horizontally like it is now. plus it would free up some space so i could
    move some machines out against that wall.

    i am new to woodworking and i have been slowly gathering machines and there isnt much more that
    i really need so im looking forward to getting things done so i can start having some fun!

    anyways, here are a few pics of the shop and my machines.

    north wall

    south wall

    east entrance

    Delta planer

    router table

    Delta oscillating sander

    17" Craftsman drill press

    14" Ridgid band saw

    Hegner scroll saw

    Craftsman table saw

    6" combination sander

    9" combination sander

    60 gallon air compressor
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    Some would say it looks too clean, I think it looks great. Thanks for the tour!
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    Looks good, Where do you keep your lathe ?
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    I started in a 10 x 24 so I know how you feel. You have a great start there.
    Dale Probst

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    great looking shop!!
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    Just about the size of my shop also. Nice layout with the given space, nice equipment also since this is your first post, WELCOME, now for your next post, show us what ya build

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Baer View Post
    Looks good, Where do you keep your lathe ?
    sorry don but no lathe, maybe someday but i need to work with what i have so far.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Niemi View Post
    Just about the size of my shop also. Nice layout with the given space, nice equipment also since this is your first post, WELCOME, now for your next post, show us what ya build
    tom, i havent really built much of anything as of yet. was slowly getting machines as money would allow plus its been a wicked hot summer and
    i just havent had any interest in getting out there to do anything, i was going to put in an a/c unit in the wall but since its getting late in the year now
    and its starting to cool down i will save that money and use it to get that electrician over and wire in my air compressor and my heater.

    being new to all this im not sure what i will start out with doing first? maybe start out easy with some chess, cribbage and cuttings boards as xmas gifts.
    i joined a local club and everyone has been so nice i look forward to meeting all of them and learning things as i go. one nice thing i can say is that the
    woodworking community is a helpful bunch of people!

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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    The place looks great. Setting up shop is all part of the fun.
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    Welcome aboard, Kevin. Great-looking shop. Looks like you have all the major food groups covered (except the lathe, as Don pointed out). I have the same drill press, and like it a lot. (I need to re-tweak my laser, though.)

    Now the fun really begins.
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    welcome kevin and yur a smart fellar to stay away from them spinny things they cause undue grief..your much better stayun flat and being normal thanks for your tour and the ww group your close to can be alot of help.. they can lead you threw the stages to mae some really nice projects as we can here as well..the forum is about helping one another to learn and get assistance when needed, from a freindly source.. carry on kevin welcome to our forum
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