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Thread: Friday and it a 3 day weekend so what R Ur plans.

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    Friday and it a 3 day weekend so what R Ur plans.

    I'll be in the shop in the morning. Then I got a delivery late morning followed by more shop time. Sunday church in the morn followed by... u guessed it more shop time monday I think I'll spend some time in the shop.

    So What ya'll do on the schedule.
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    working tomorrow

    then getting home to powerwash the driveway

    take down the tent covering the driveway

    then getting up at 5 am sunday to recoat the blacktop

    then probably spending the rest of the day sunday and monday trying to straighten out my sore back

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    Preparations! I need to install the TV and DVD player in the camper, make a list of food to buy, build drawers for the camper's pantry cabinet (a la Bill Arnold). I also have projector duty at church this week so a few hours on Sat and a few more on Sunday doing that. Then I need to figure out where to put 28 days of supplies in an 18' trailer. Might have to buy a few things along the way. I only have two weeks to get ready!
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    Well since my shop is packed away for now, I will be working on cutting pine tree for the new shop. Got a call from a guy that has 20 white pines that are anywhere from 25-40" across at chest level. Some will go to the local school for there shop lumber(donate 1000' each year) Most will go into lumber for shop and home rebuild.

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    Working like crazy on the chest for my daughters wedding next weekend
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    working on salvaging the jewelry box, giving those arched candle holders a try, taking inventory of my "scrap" pieces, and helping my 11 yr old make a serving tray as a surprise present for someone.
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    I get to play with big boys Tonka toys this weekend.

    I used to run a D7 dozer in the National Guard so my friend wants me to come run the John Deere dozer he rented.
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    I get to work a half day tomorrow (8-12). Then I will be scraping the floor in the guest bedroom getting it ready to tile. Doesn't look like I'll have to grind in this one, but we shall see. LOML called about the tile we used in the "Pink Room" last fall...may not be available, and Marazzi is closed until Tuesday now. Had wanted to use that tile throughout the family room/kitchen, but may not have that choice now. After the floor is clean, I'll mix up some thinset and patch the holes left by the tack strips for the carpet, and level out a high spot in the closet. By Monday, I'll need to paint the closet. Room is already done. Jim.
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    Saturday I'm going to try to finish the Viking furniture project with my BIL. Hopefully this time we won't be interrupted by those pesky cops and their evacuation orders again. Also gonna try to turn some spin tops for a friend, as well as do some website work for another friend.

    Sunday LOML and I are going to the LA County Fair. It's her favorite event of the year, and since I'm otherwise tied up for the next few weekends, this is our only chance to go there together. (She'll go at least once more with other friends.)

    Monday is still up in the air. If I'm smart, I'll be turning some stuff to build up stock for the fall shows. Knowing the way things work around here though, I'll probably be sidetracked into doing something I have no desire to do.
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    LOML just got home today after some surgery. I tease her that she did well in hiding the fact that she was a walking train-wreck when we first met . Anyway, no specific plans although I should be able to squeeze in some time between feeding her chicken soup and plumping up the pillows. Hey, who am I foolin' she'll be glad to get me out of her house for awhile and she knows how much nicer I am to be around when I get my dose of shop time .
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