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Thread: Friday Night Lights

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    Friday Night Lights

    Adam, my middle stepson had his first Varsity football game last night... He was the starting center, as well as playing nose tackle. That in and of itself is only remarkable in our family of course, but the venue where they played was pretty cool.

    12 local teams who made the state playoffs last season will be playing this weekend, two games yesterday, two today (after the Syracuse University game, going to be a long day for the staff) in rematches. (we lost 18-6 unfortunately)

    Adam is the Center

    Plus he plays lineman on defense on some downs.

    Going to be a busy fall for us... our youngest started pop warner football this year as well, so Big kid football fridays, little kid football saturdays.


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    That is very cool Ned!

    in High School, I played left guard on offense, and nose guard on defense, I also played on the kick off, kick off return, punts and punt returns, in other words, I was out there all game long....... and I LOVED IT!
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    playin on the orangemens field, very cool indeed! must have been some treat for the boys.

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    Cool stuff, Ned, and congrats to your son on his first varsity game.

    Closest I came to high school football was the marching band.
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    Yes, congrats to your son!! great arena, they must of felt like superstars.
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