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Thread: Tour of my shop

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    Tour of my shop

    Well I decided to take the time and do a little tour of my shop. I have been in this shop for two years now and I finally think I have it about 80% complete.
    The shop is 32X40 and had an over hang that was 13x40. Back in November I enclosed 13x30 of the over hang that I plan to divide into wood storage, dust collector and compressor room and finishing room. I will also allow my 17 year old son to put a weight bench in there so he can tell his friends he is working out

    I recently retired from the Navy and my plans have been to go pro. I was going to move into a comercial building but it did not work out so I have made the best of this place and until I am busting at the seams I will stay here. I am in the country in an unincorporated area so the zoning nazis will not harras me.

    First pictures are of my almost new/slightly used SCMI slider.
    This machine is the heart of my operations. The next pictures are of where I do most of my work. Most people say the Table saw should be the center of the shop but my experience is that I spend 70% of my time at my bench area.
    I have 2 main shop benches. One is a typical craftsmans style bench with a face vice and an end vice. The other is a cabinet with a solid core door on top. I keep these benches close together to put parts and do machining on one and do joinery on the other,

    The next section is my festool/assemby area. These are my two other work benchs. I have 2 Festool MFTs joined together to make a nice long work table and I also have another solid core door on a rolling cart for assemby. I can move this over to my other two benches when needed. It is also good for stacking parts after machining.

    The next pics are just some pics of macinery and other areas of my shop. I also included a pic of the soon to be wood storage/finishing room which now serves as a junk room.
    Hope you enjoy....

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSC_0025.JPG   DSC_0024.JPG   DSC_0020.JPG   DSC_0019.JPG   DSC_0027.JPG  

    DSC_0028.JPG   DSC_0029.JPG   DSC_0030.JPG   DSC_0031.JPG   DSC_0023.JPG  

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    Great shop, Greg. It looks well organised and I love all of the space you have. Thanks for sharing.
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    thanks for sharing greg! .........but where is the sawdust!
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    I had the boys in here late last night cleaning up and reorganizing. There is sawdust all over the place as I type.

    BTW I met 2 folks from mountain home yesterday. Go figure each at different times. They are woodworkers and I told them to look you up.


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    Big space Big Iron I hate you guys!

    Seriously, great looking shop thanks for the post


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    Thumbs up

    Wow! Now I'm jealous and depressed!
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    32x40, slider, I am drooling.....

    Thanks for posting

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    Very nice Greg, VERY nice!

    Sure hope you have a good time giving it a go from home, and I guess the rent is price right too eh?

    Yep, that is a nice space!

    The commute to work is good to I guess
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    Hi Greg,
    You have a nice setup and that slider looks really sweet. Thanks for cutting us in on a piece of your life.
    Send slider, I'll pay freight
    With love, your son,
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    Great shop...and really nice tools.

    My only complaint is that you shrunk your pictures too much. We need to see better detail...

    Thanks for sharing...
    - Marty -
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