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    My daughter and I drove out to the farm Friday so I could take care of some paperwork. On the way over to the neighbor who's son is buying the farm my van started to act funny, like the tranny was going out. (again) It quit and ran normal the rest of the way. After we left the neighbor's and headed home it went from 60 to neutral a couple times. I stopped in Dawson, MN and checked the tranny fluid. It was a pinkish and foamy. So was the engine coolant and the oil. This is shortly after 4:00. Long story short, two mechanics told me it was toast, 3-4,000 to fix and not a sure deal. I asked what the cheapest thing they had that would get me home was. They had a '04 Venture for $5,000. In the next 25 minutes I joined a credit union, got financing and picked up the new van. It sure wasn't the way I thought the day would end, but I sure was glad it happened in a small town where they knew my parents. I wouldn't have gotten service like that in the metro area where I live now.

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    Yep, living in the boonies does have advantages! Sorry to hear about the old van, good to hear you didn't have to walk home!!!

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Bummer about the old van, but it sounds like you're smart to not throw more money at it. May the new Chevy serve you well.

    And 25 minutes to finalize a car deal is pretty impressive. I think it took me longer than that to buy my used Lexus SUV a few years ago, and I paid cash (er, check) financing. (I had just sold a house. My checking account usually doesn't carry that kind of a balance.)
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    Credit Unions are great. I switched from a big bank to 2 local ones a few years ago. They are more like a the local friendly, we trust you banks of long ago.
    Bummer about the old van though.
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    man dale yu need to start eatun some good luck pills your luck hasnt been real good latly..glad you found some friendly trusting to folk to help you out.. it must have been the santa claus look that did it for yu
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    Sorry about the break down, glad you were able to get new wheels.
    Me? I would have been walking home.


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