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Thread: Woodworking + Car = Rear Deck Spoiler

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    Woodworking + Car = Rear Deck Spoiler

    Increase your gas mileage, improve high speed handling and top speed all in one easy project.

    Courtesy of

    I didn't know if this should go here or in Flatwork Project Showcase.

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    Boy, I'll bet that car is so fast now that there ain't a tractor in the county that can keep up with it. Zoom zoom zoom.
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    hillbilly diving board for river parties.
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    i thought it was a portable picnic table??? car now days dont have enough flat spots to hold anything.
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    Actually that is a Margarita Bar for the Jimmy Buffet concerts when they come through the area. Standard accessory, the 'EX' version has shark fins on it.
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