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Thread: Pedestal or vanity for bath redo?

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    Pedestal or vanity for bath redo?

    Redoing the 2nd bath in what may well end up a master 'suite'. Or it may just be the 2nd bath with a guest room attached...

    I have a 52" space for the sink... open to the left (with the door opening into the side of the sink space), shower wall to the right. My original thinking was to PURCHASE one of those 'furniture looking' vanity cabinets with the granite/marble tops. Then I got thinking about putting a pedestal sink in the left portion of that area, and a tall cabinet in the corner made by the shower wall... drawers on bottom, shelves at the top. This would meet LOML's demand for some drawer space, and also put some shelf space right at the sink. We'll have a proper and spacious linen pantry behind the sink, as well as something over the toilet.

    Seems like the pedestal will help maintain some of the 'old house' feel. But the furniture looking vanity would allow me use a double sliding door for the shower instead of a single swing out. Curious as to what others might do...

    I've asked LOML, and in typical fashion, she puts it all back on me. She 'trusts my judgement'... until she doesn't like the end result, and then she remembers that we kinda talked about doing it another way... but not necessarily that she left it up to me.

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    well that's an easy answer... vanity!

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    After debating with myself for all of three seconds, I decided to provide some "guidance".

    My "ex" was good at "remembering" that WE had decided to do a project exaxtly opposite of the way I did it. Of course, that was AFTER I had completed all tasks. I finally learned to discuss the project well in advance to have an understanding of her thoughts on it. We usually had different views, which was OK -- i like to hear other input on any project. She would be very forceful about supporting "A" for a project during the initial discussion, especially if my preference was "B". When it was time to start it a few weeks later, I'd have a final discussion with her about taking the "A" approach. Invariably, she would insist her preference was "B"! Bottom line -- anything to mess with my mind. Wonder why she's now my "ex"?

    Fortunately, I don't have that kind of issue now. LOML is truly my soulmate and we discuss everything about our lives and any projects. She supports my tool choices, shop arrangement, etc., and will buy something for me if she knows I want it but am too cheap to buy it myself! She's a great woman!!!
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    So, there I was, minding my own business, redoing the downstairs bathroom. I had the vanity all planned out, materials, door arrangement, size, everything. Figured I should have sink and faucet before beginning construction. Took Doorlink with me to pick something out.

    We're looking at sinks. I had something in mind, but the display was right next to a pedestal sink. Alas, Doorlink saw it. After that, there was no dissuasion possible. Even the salesman said "those are awful to install, and they never look quite right." Didn't help.

    So, I had to install one. I'm not as flexible as I used to be. It was troublesome. How's that for understatement? Knowing what's behind its facade makes me feel cheap and dirty, rather as if I'd spent friday night in some dive, drinking and chatting up a girl wearing too much makeup. Nothing really went wrong, and nobody knows about it but me, but its still unseemly. That's how I feel about the way the plumbing's done. And the set up isn't as solid as I'd like, especially in a house with teenage boys.

    I'll never do one again. You may wish to consider learning from my pain!



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    Well, this old bathroom had one of those bolted to the wall sinks... no pedestal. It was truly an antique and had to go. There's a pedestal in the main bath, but only because nothing else will fit... and I can't see any way around simply putting it back because it looks much better than any 21" cabinet I've seen.

    We went vanity 'shopping' this afternoon at both HomeDepot and Lowes. Each had cabinets that would be acceptable to both of us... and each had TOPS that would be acceptable to both of us... but neither had a cabinet WITH a top that we could both live with. And if you have to buy them separately, you start looking at real money. So... as much as I don't want to do it, I guess I'll build the cabinet. Or more likely some kind of Shaker-looking thing with legs. At least that way I can make a johnny cabinet and linen pantries to match. I tried to sell her on a pedestal, but that was a short pitch.

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    well kirk yu done right yu took here to look and she told yu what to do if yu had done your idea and she didnt like it yu would pay for it many times over this way your happy and she is too a win win situtaion is always better i lke pedistal too,, but my SIL found a small vanity somewhere that had the look of the pedistal sink in vanity formate and it was a small one 24" i think and real shallow depth wize.
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