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Thread: Metal Blast Gate Positioner

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    Metal Blast Gate Positioner

    This is one of those things where if you have the behavior, it might help. If you don't experience this issue, you'll wonder if I've bumped my head on something.

    My metal blast gates have a little stud knob to lock them in the open or closed position. My DC tends to suck the gate halfway closed if it is not held in the open position. I didn't like bothering with the turn-knob, especially if I were opening or closing the gate with a stick from a distance (as I normally do; custom built stick . . . even too silly to show here).

    Remove the knob and get yourself a small barrel shaped magnet and a screw that will fit but not extend into the gate path; that is . . . a short one.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	blast gate magnet 001.jpg 
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    Mill your 'precision magnet placement appliance' into the proper dimensions and form.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	blast gate magnet 002.jpg 
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    Screw it on where the knob used to be.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	blast gate magnet 3.jpg 
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    and now . . . the gate stays closed (it used to do that anyway but it makes this sound more exciting than it actually is).

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	blast gate magnet 4.jpg 
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    And the gate stays open (it didn't used to do that without turning the locking knob).

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	blast gate magnet 5.jpg 
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    So, now I'm all happy and you all are thinking of banning me from the forum.
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    Sweet I will have to do this. I always had a problem when makin mold havin the gates rattle shut and chips start spewing all over the floor. Or worse sandin a panel and havin the gate close and fillin the shop with a dust strom.

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    Great solution to the problem, Glenn. I use the same type of gate but haven't had the problem you described -- yet. All of my gates are horizontal or vertical and the slider moves straight inline. I'll keep your idea in mind if any of my gates start acting up.
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    i had that happen on one as well glenn but i over came it but repostioning the gate so it wanted to stay open.. but in your case your mathode works well in any position
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    what you still doing up ain't it past yer bedtime

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    With a single 20-foot flex hose that I move from machine to machine, I don't have any blast gate problems. Looks like your solution works for those who do, though.

    Quote Originally Posted by glenn bradley View Post
    ...and you all are thinking of banning me from the forum.
    But if we did that, who would we have to point at and snicker?
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    Nice idea for keeping the gate from sliding, Were I to approach the delima, I believe I would take out the screw and pop in as small rubber ball (like the space balls used in panel construction) and reinsert the screw (perhaps a bolt and lock nut) to apply some tension on the gate plate yet allow to be pushed in and out with a stick. What the gate needs is som tension on the gate plate to stop the movement (you provide that with a magnetic attraction which can be overcome with a stick The rubber ball will do the same

    Just another approach... Thanks for your posting and idea to consider.

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    Great idea. Now if they only made plastic magnets so I could do this on my blast gates....

    I learned vibration analysis from an expert who started one of the premier vibration analysis companies back in the '50s. We use magnets to hold accelermeters to equipment while taking readings. To take readings on non iron materials, most of the time we use epoxy to hold the magnet, especially on concrete. He always told us if we came up with a concrete magnet that he would buy hundreds of them.

    This guy is amazing. He is a nuclear physicist that worked on the Manhatten project for Einstien. His job was to make sure air plane vibration was isolated from the bomb so it wouldn't go off while in flight.

    Sorry about the digrestion.
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    Mod to make blast gates "automatic"

    I took this one step further. I used door lock actuators and two little linkage arms to build "triggers" to hold the gates open and to close them remotely. Now I don't have to run all over the shop looking for the gates I've forgotten to close. I use a 12V battery, a solar charger and pushbutton switches next to each of the two DC switches. Rubber bands make perfect springs to pull the gates closed (after trying $30.00 worth of different springs). Now when I turn off the DC, I push the putton and Voila!, all the gates are closed.
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    Hi Gary

    First of all Welcome to the family. Hope you enjoy your stay. You find we love lots of pics here so you already dun good.

    Now I have no knowledge of a door lock actuator so i had to look it up. I only use one everytime i get into my car eh! Duh.

    So i studied your pictures for a long time and i am still none the wiser on how this actuator opens the gate. I can see the bands pulling it closed but the arm of the actuator appears to be screwed to the gate casting so how does it attach to pull the gate open?

    I presume the stoke of these actuators is too short to drive the gate directly?

    Any ballpark figure on what the actuators cost? I guess one could get them from a scrap car dealer.

    This is a great idea you have and by the looks of it could also be wired to a remote control.

    My dust collector is currently in the corner waiting for ducting and then i will be tackling this element of my shop fit out.

    Thanks for posting. Now you have started I bet there are a dozen more projects you have in your shop you could enlighten us to.

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