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Thread: Any one know about this tile place in New Jersey?

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    Any one know about this tile place in New Jersey?

    LOML called but didn't get a definitive answer on the tile we want...girl thought this color was discontinued, but if not, is now 2.99/sq ft. Up 20 cents from last fall...Not a surprise. Will be Tuesday before we find out.
    So I did some poking around on the internet. Found this place in Old Bridge, New Jersey. World Class Tile Anyone in that area ever heard of it?? They show the tile we want, at 2.39/sq ft, and have free shipping! It would save us roughly $140.00. And the local place has to have it shipped in anyway. The web site say to plan for 2% brakeage. Anything over that, if on the shipping bill, they will replace. Sounds more than fair.
    So, any of you from that area ever heard of them? Any information would be appreciated! Jim.

    edit: Just received a message from the tile place, from his blackberry. Working on Sunday!! The free shipping is for full pallets only, so he will get back to me Tuesday with a freight quote. But I'm sure it will kill the deal. Hope Marazzi still has some. Jim.
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