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Thread: Abrosia maple with Walnut foot

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    Abrosia maple with Walnut foot

    This is another Ambrosia maple,but I got a little thin on the bottom an no way was this goin near the fire pit.Soooooo I just went on thru the botom and made this ft. Oil finish beal buffed and carnuba wax.I had it spinnin at 2600 RPMs when I melted the wax in,But I did have a revolving tail center with a pad on it up against the inside.All coments appreciated. It measures about 15 X9".
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    yup ken thats nor firewood at all
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    Well Ken don't feel bad. That bowl is not firewood for sure. Great looking piece. I did the same thing today. I was so angry at myself because I knew better. Just one last cut to smooth things out. Yea you guessed it right thru the bottom. I squared the bottom, glued a piece of cherry on and will finish turning tomorrow.
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    Nice save, Ken. I'm usually not real fond of plugged bowl bottoms, but with such sweet wood, and that large size, I can see why you weren't willing to just toss this one.
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    That's a beauty Ken! A whopper too! I can see that as a center piece for a special occasion, or fruit bowl, or something!

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    Great use of Artistic creativity I've seen in a long time. There are no mistakes in the turning world, if you can change the design (save it).

    Well done.

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    Real beauty there.
    Methinks the 'rules' are only for us nit-pickers.

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    Ken really nice piece.

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    Ambrosia Maple with Walnut foot

    Thanks for all the kinds words,but truth is they just about gotta blow up before they go to the fire pit.

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